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[Project]: Big Bro' Prodigy (E-ATX Prodigy mod)

bitfenix prodigy big bro modification e-atx gigabyte 3770k water cool mod

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I think this is (will be) definitely the MacMod of the year 2014





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Great project, i'm looking forward to see completed.

Thanks a lot! I'm sorry for my superlate reply :(


Great, stay on the good tracks and hope to see the final shots next year. :thumbsup_anim:

Thanks a bunch! Next year it is and it's coming together :D


I think this is (will be) definitely the MacMod of the year 2014



Thanks! Appreciate it a lot! :)


Sorry for my inactivity. My time is very limited and I barely have time to work with my project logs :( However, I'm happy that I'm at least able to finish it - better late then never! :)

Here's an update for you all!



UPDATE 10/02 2014 - Installation of the Water cooling from AquaTuning.


Hiya all!
Finally I've had time to make another update! I'm sorry for the time taken since last time. I've had the toughest time in my studies so far so my spare time do work on this project has been minimal, if not non-existing. Anyways, I'm now back on track and I will finish this project log before January 31st!
Let's get down to business!
Below will be a update containing pictures of the products I'm being supplied with by AquaTuning and how I then install them all. There's however one thing with the pictures. Since I was super stressed before the exhibition I attended to I didn't have time to take any photos back then. That said, I had to take all these pictures in reverse, when I was taking the parts off. Therefore it might look a little weird out of a chronological order but I guess you understand :)
The first part will be about which water cooling components I will use and the second part how I install them all :)
I want to thank AquaTuning a lot once again for the products provided. Without you this project and the outcome wouldn't be possible.
The second package I receive from AquaTuning with a lot of good stuff! :D
Clear/transparent tubing from Masterkleer with a diameter of 16/10! Nice, thick edges that will look amazing with the coolant.
Fittings, to attach the tubing to the different parts, with the diameter of 16/10 in different shapes.
To be able to connect some things I had to get my hands on a pair of special fittings, with the same connector in both ends.
This on as well to be able to connect to different parts.
Fillports that's going to be used for something very special. Interesting!
Enough about fittings! Here's some more fun stuff.
High-performance CPU-block to cool the CPU. Package with the block, installation parts, thermal paste and instructions/manual.
Reservoir/tank for the loop. I ordered a extra tube since of 15cm the one of 25cm was a little too long I realised. 
Thin and great performing radiators. Only 30mm thick which will be perfect for this compact build.
Powerful and surprisingly quiet pump.. The size and orientation will be perfect for this build.
"Top" for the pump that enables installation of fittings. It also improves the flow and sound-level, a nice extra thing :)
Coolant of high quality. Looks like milk and I love it! :D
Mounting for a 240 radiator. I'll need it for one of the radiators and it will fit perfectly.
Those were the products that I will use, supplied by AquaTuning.
Shall we take a look of how I installed it all? :D
The cPU-block in place. 
Very clean and stylish and it fits great with the looks since the copper-sticker blends well with the orange color of the motherboard
The pump, Laing DDC with Alphacool's top installted with fittings, a double-sided G1/4 in the top and a 90c fitting as output. 
Also attached on a self-adhesive vibration-absorbing mat.
This is the reason I needed that special fitting in the top of the pump!
I built a pump/res-combo myself where the pump will suck water from the reservoir. 
I think it looks great and is practical at the same time since it takes up less space than if installed separately and I can fit a big reservoir.
I install the pump with some mounting I made myself, consisting of skrews, nuts and bricks that goes thru the case. A little hard to get on picture but I guess you understand.
The radiators, 2x 240mm which I know is overkill for a CPU but I mostly do it as a challenge to fit them both :)
Radiator #1 will be put in the front next to the motherboard.
It may look like the radiator is blocking all the ports of the motherboard but it isn't.
With a little modification of a few contacts from fans the connectors fit without problems. One of the PCI-E ports is unreachable, however since I only use 1x GPU and no other expansion cards it won't be a problem at all :)
Radiator #2 is attached to the radiator-mount and it's the one to be placed behind the motherboard tray.
The radiator.mount is needed so I can attach it in the front from the inside with help of rivets. It was pretty hard to get it inside but I finally managed.
Picture of the radiators, pump + res and fittings plus all fillports in the case are attached! As you can see there's a couple of fittings in the top of the case.
Have you started to understand what the holes in the mesh and the fillports are used for? ;)
The fillports are used to attach the fittings to the mesh in the top. But why? Let's find out!
On the top of the mesh there's now 6x 90c fittings!
And here you can see it with tubing. Yes, I've chosen to have tubing on the top of the case that will go thru all components! :)
The reason is first of all because I think it looks great, it suits the industrial feeling that I've given this mod. Second, it's actually practical as the tubes doesn't need to be inside of the case which would have been very narrow. I'm very satisfied with the outcome.
I won't reveal more than this about the water cooling yet! In the next update, which will be the very last where I show the final pictures, is where you will see it all togheter :)
Below are a few other installations that are essential, of course :)
Installing the enormous GPU - GIGABYTE GTX 780 OC Windforce 3x 450W. It wasn't an easy task to be honest, haha. Took 10 minutes and a lot of brain- and muscle-power. It felt like I was playing Tetris with circles - impossible. However I managed to get it in, but damn it's tight! :P
The back of the motherboard tray with the radiator, SSD and power supply. A little messy with the cables since I didn't have the time to fix it perfectly before the exhibition, but as it's not seen with the side-panel on I didn't feel it was critical.
Since I've cut a hole for the grill where the original power-/reset buttons were I was in need to get a new button, of course. I did it with the help of this nice looking switch that I made a hole for in the mesh.
White 120mm Spectre Pro PWM-fans from BitFenix that was to be used for the exhibition. Unfortunately I didn't manage to get them in time, but here they are! :)
Sleeved extenders in different shapes and sizes from BitFenix.
At last:
Once again it feels nice to have posted this update! The water cooling from AquaTuning was indeed very fun to install as it was an extreme task to accomplish. The hardest part was to find out how I was going to make it all work and in which order to install it - I didn't have too much spare place to use, haha. As I've said this project has been at least 80% planning and figuring stuff out while the rest has been the modification itself. A lot to think about before making that final cut! :)
The next update that will be released will be the last one of this project log, containing the final photos of the finished mod/product! That's why I don't want to reveal it all in this update, I want the last one to be a little special! :)
Thanks for following and supporting my project log. It's you, my readers, that makes me want to continue and finish this even tho there have been some tough times :)
Thanks for reading and supporting me.
Best regards



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Great job
Attention to detail




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BitFenix has got me wanting to build a small rig now, and this projects wants me to build an awesome rig now... 


This is amazing!!!!! This should be posted on sites like Guru3d, Anandtech, even Tom's Hardware!(Not too much of a fan of Tom's, but oh well)

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