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The amount of crap Windows users have to put up with is incredible

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Agreed. There is a lot of {censored} that Windows users have to put up with. A large portion of the problem is the computer manufacturers and the “free” software industry. Companies like HP, Dell and the like preinstall crapware on the systems that they produce as they are paid to by the software producers. They also utilize bloated drivers to "improve your experience" instead of just making the damm thing work! It is part of their business model and it makes them more money and aids in keeping the costs of their systems lower. As for the “free” software industry, there is no such thing as free. There is an inherent trade off in supplying the free software. Either there are usage stats data uploaded or data mining at work built in to the programs or the offer to install another browser that most people just click thru. That is how the “free” software is paid for and it makes money. It too is part of a business model.

I would suggest that you look into perhaps installing Windows 7 on the laptop for more control. Yes, windows users put up with a lot of {censored}; unfortunately most users don’t know what is going on and the ones that do get aggravated and fix it. (And they say Linux is hard….. yea, right)



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Even crappy Java is now suggesting to install a toolbar in your browser. And let's not forget that even Microsoft uses in-app advertising in Windows 8. And sends unwanted e-mail to new registrations. What a way to go.



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I tend to do a 100% clean install of Windows 7/XP (no Vista, not for me) on any new PC. It's just easier (by doing a fresh install) to clean a PC from "the very useful stuff" (all the {censored} together with outdated drivers) vendors put in the pre installed systems, then to uninstall all that {censored} manually. A system installed from scratch, usually work far better, then the one that came pre installed by vendor.

All this stuff that is usually present on pre installed systems, may IMO be a way to make user think that he/she made a good deal, by buying THAT much software ({censored}) for this small amount of money. Yes, you are the lucky one, your vendor loves you :)

BTW there are some regulations locally (a country in EU), requiring that same PC should be available both with commercial OS (read Windows; more expensive as price includes license cost) or free OS (Linux/Free DOS; cheaper as no license involved). So people can chose what OS they want to have. Most buy Windows version :)

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