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Configuring Lion for the ALIENWARE M15x!

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HEADNOTE: The Alienware M15x comes in many different configurations. From the Nvidia-240m to the ATI-6970m graphics card, this gaming beast supports anything you throw at it. In this setup I only can provide support for the ATI configurations, but I will research the Nvidia cards and update this post soon!

For support, list your configuration and state what is not working (otherwise how would I know how to help you?)

CREDITS: None of the kexts or apps belong to me, I just ZIPPED them up together for easier installation of the drivers required for OSX to work on the mighty Alienware M15x!

I fully wrote this guide, so it belongs to me! :( (Make sense huh?)

This guide ONLY COVERS the post-install configuration!

An Alienware M15x
At least 4GB of RAM
DVD Drive / BD-Drive
At least a Core-i5 processor
An ATI card (for now)

Software Requirements:
A Bootable Lion Install Disk (App Store)
##### copied and saved on a USB
My AlienM15.zip File extracted and saved on a USB ☺

What works:
Virtually everything

What doesn’t work:
Wi-Fi (can be replaced by a Ralink 2870 USB Wireless device)
HDMI sound, HDMI video works!
Battery Notification (Battery itself is working) (Can be fixed but you will lose some 4.1 audio support and only have stereo which I hate) (PM me if you want the fix!)

1. On the first boot, choose to boot with the Install Disk
2. At the boot loader, choose to boot with your new Lion install in VERBOSE MODE (type –v –f in boot loader)

1. Apple has native graphics support for all our ATI cards!
2. Be confident!
3. Insert your CD/USB with my extracted AlienM15.zip file in it
4. Open #####
5. Select the kext for the Intel Network, FakeSMC and ITS PLUGINS, EvoReboot, ElliotForceLegacyRTC, VoodooPS2Controller and Trackpad
6. Select OSX86 Software and MacBookPro 8,1 definition
7. Select Extension Migration Tool and all of System Utilities
8. Install
9. Run Kext Utility
10. Install 10.7.1 and reboot your computer

1. Same as FIRST BOOT

1. Your Internet should now be working
2. Your webcam, microphone and DVD drive should also be working (Check FaceTime or PhotoBooth)
3. Install DellBluetoothHCl.pkg
4. Install all the kext in the folder using Kext Helper
5. Install Chameleon latest revision using Chameleon wizard
6. Go to chameleon wizard and select org.chameleon.Boot
7. Select npci=0x2000, 64-bit (x86_64) and save the file in /Extra.
8. Run Kext Utility
9. Remove Lion install disk and restart

1. You should now boot into Chameleon.
2. Type –f –v to boot into verbose mode using the new kexts.

3. Going into the desktop, check that everything is working fine.
4. Bluetooth, card reader, audio and USB should be working.


1. Go into Chameleon Wizard and select org.chameleon.Boot
2. Select Time Out and drag slider all the way to the left, now it reads Quiet Boot
3. Save
4. Select SMBIOS tab
5. Do whatever you want there, as long as it reads MacBookPro (8,something) its fine!
6. Save
7. Do not install theme as it will boot very slowly, anyway you already selected Quiet Boot so you cannot display it

1. Go to /System/Library/Extensions/
2. Remove
3. Go to /
4. Remove the Backup Extensions Folder
5. Run Kext Utility
6. Reboot

1. Umm.. nothing to say here, it just boots?

1. Install whatever you want!

FOOTNOTE: If you did not know, it takes even harder to setup the M15x on Windows than on OSX!



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Whoops, forgot to add the attachment!

Its there now (on this post) :D)

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thank you for your nice guide to install os x on m15x.My big problem is the lion boot stick and DVD want boot. I also become no error. And yes both of them are bootable,tested with MacBook.
Do you have specific configurations in the BIOS? Or are you usingsomething like #####?
I dont find the answer...
Sry for my bad english, hope you understand me ;)



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Any luck you can give me step by step directions on how to fresh install OS X Lion on my Alienware M15X

Here my alienware's specs:

- Intel Core DUO i7 Processor 1.6 GHz
- 8 GB of Ram (Installed Memory)
- Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit
- NVIDIA Geforce GTX 260M with 1 GB of total dedicated memory
- IDT High Definition Audio Laptop Speakers
- 500 GB Internal HDD

Will appreciate any help coming from you on how to install a near perfect or fully perfect apple os even if its snow leopard...

Thanks in advance



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Got a Clevo p150hm with an ATI 6970m.
I can't get my video card to work with Lion, better yet, I can't get it to work with my internal display, as I can see the extended display by connecting by DVI or HDMI. It seems to be some problem with the Framebuffer.

By any change, could you give me an hand?

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