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Snow Leopard on Dell Studio 1555

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After a long and brutal struggle (brutal for my laptop) for two weeks, success came in converting Dell Studio 1555 into a Mac Book Pro. Now that it has been done, it is time to share this success with all those who want to get out of there mediocre life of doors and windows and enter the promise land...

For the starters lets checkout the hardware configuration,

Dell Studio 1555
Intel Core 2 duo Processor
ATI Radeon HD 4500 Series
Broadcom Netlink BCM5787M LAN
Wireless Intel 5100/5300 AGN (not working)

Having tried iATKOS and SnowOSX UniFlash (Universal, the one using USb) but they showed no concrete results. They did start the mac but, customization or update was out of question. The one that worked was Snow Leopard 10.6.6 for Intel by Hazard. A fully operational Mac [Except for the Intel 5100 wifi]. Follow the steps given and you will have a fully operational Mac on your Dell 1555 in no time

The Guide
[Caution: Read the entire guide before proceeding]
1 Download Snow Leopard 10.6.6 by hazard from the bay of pirates. Here is the link name
⁃ Snow_Leopard_10.6.6_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_Only_by_Hazard (Google it)
2 You will also need some kext to enable sound, graphics and ethernet. you can find these on InsanelyMac or Hackint0sh. Here are the links,
⁃ Sound and EthernetAttached File  Studio1555osx.zip   5.57MB   1200 downloads
⁃ GraphicsAttached File  Dell_Studio_1555.zip   4.42MB   1073 downloads, Attached File  DSDTPatcherGUI_1.zip   2.1MB   951 downloads
3 Once you have downloaded these files, burn the OSX onto a DVD and copy the kext onto a USB
4 Now insert the DVD, restart and enter the boot menu (usually pressing F12)
5 When the chameleon boot loader comes up, press F8 and type ‘-v’ [this is to ensure you know if the startup gets stuck]
6 It will take some time to boot, once there, enter Utilities>Disk Utilities and create a GUID partition [Incase you want to run Windows too, make a windows bootable dvd and after you have made a GUID partition, format one of the partitions as FAT] (I suggest you shift completely to Mac)
7 Format the partition for Mac as Journaled and close the utilities
8 Now click on the partition you made for Mac and click customize [these steps are for Dell Studio 15555. for other laptops it might vary]
⁃ In boot-loader, choose the following
⁃ Chameleon RC5
⁃ Boot 32
⁃ in boot options select
⁃ ALL except (Graphics Enabler and GUI)
⁃ You do not need drivers as of now
⁃ then go strait to SATA-PATA and there select
⁃ first 2 AHCI patch (not the LegacyAHCI)
⁃ in patches, select the 2 AHCI patch (select uuid patch only if during booting your Mac doesnot detect UUID)
⁃ you are done now click O.K. and install
9 once the installation is done you will have restart.
10 Your Mac will reboot and you will be asked to filling in few details and set password.
11 The default mode is what has been activated and now you will need the kext you stored in the USB
12 Copy both the folders onto your desktop, using Kext helper, install the ethernet kext present in 1555OSX folder
13 Also Install the Sound and Chip kext present in the same folder
14 Using OSX Tools, set permissions
15 Restart
16 Now for the Graphics
⁃ firstly using Kext Helper install the 3 graphic kext present in Dell Studio 1555 folder
⁃ then using open com.apple.boot.plist in the folder and from the /Extras
⁃ Copy all the siblings present in /Extras/com.apple.boot.plist to the .plist present in the Dell 1555 folder [you need to open both plist to do this]
⁃ once you are done save the plists
⁃ now copy com.apple.boot.plist and SMBios.plist form Dell 1555 to /Extras
⁃ open terminal, become root and do ‘cd /‘
⁃ remove boot folder present there using ‘rm’
⁃ copy the boot folder from dell 1555 to ‘/‘ using cp ‘path to the file’ ‘SPACE’ ‘/‘
⁃ open DSDT GUI and make dsdt, hpet and force compile
⁃ you are done
⁃ restart
17. You should have a fully working Macintosh on your Dell Studio 1555

These are the steps that take you to the promised land...

next up:Updating your Studio 1555
Have a Nice Day :)



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Thanks for the guide, it worked.

I encountered the following problems :

Had to burn disc on to a +R not a -R and very slowly otherwise it caused errors before installation.

Ethernet driver is not the best one to use, there is a good broadcom ethernet driver for the adapter on kexts.com.

Graphics are good, World of Warcraft works well, I would prefer if the apple logo had not turned green and the backgrounds of 'About Us' and the Installer program were not skinned but that is a small price to pay.

Many Thanks,




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Audio doesn't work :-( I installed Graphics first and then Audio.. Is this a problem?



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Guys, I have a Dell Studio 1555 (With ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4570 Graphics Card, id:0x9553) laptop and trying to make my external monitor (HDMI) work. I tried some kext files but I always had a black screen with white lines at the end. Everything else works good except the HDMI port. Anyone has the right kext files for this card?
I have OSX 10.6.6 installed. Thanks



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Check out my H57 Dell Inspiron Retail install guide on this forum.

It may give you some ideas on getting a 100% working machine (my machine only has two 'glitches', one is graphics card model related (9800GT -> DVI->HDMI), and an esoteric networking problem with VNC and PS2. Apart from those, 100% MAC, including all power features, and 64bit throughout!. It is a Core i3, but many of the kexts and edits will still work for you (PS. this is a DSDT-free install)!





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Hi Guys,

I've got a Dell Studio 1558, running Ubuntu 11.04, but am willing to put OS X 10.6 / 10.7 if i can get the Graphics HDMI and VGA Ports to work !

Ill try out the guide and let you know what happens =D



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Hey guys, I must say many thanks to this guide! I have this same laptop with the only difference is it has the dell 1397 wifi card installed. I currently have iDeneb 1.6 OS 10.5.8 lite installed. all is working except for the trackpad taping and it will not sleep. the screen will tur off when the lid is closed, but if I allow it to sleep the screen just freezes and I have to power off and on.

I can live the trackpad no tap! but for a laptop it must be able to sleep! with this guide, will your's sleep?

Many thanks again :)

andy 89

andy 89

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Hi Guys,

Thanks for the guide!

i was successful installing this on my studio 1555 laptop to the same or very similar spec as the guide laptop

thought id note a few things.

i installed the laptop drivers for voodo battery & power etc

also the boadcom fix driver got my wireless working (my wireless i believe is the dell wireless card)

also the sound worked straight from install using the voodoo HDA 2.7 version (bottom of the list)

and for the graphics rather than using terminal i just copy and pasted the boot into my OS X installation Drive

i used this guide for that http://www.insanelym...hp/t254906.html

erm just a couple of questions

was there a fix for the green apple thats sort of annoying :D?

did anybody manage to update to 10.6.8? ive seen graphics kexts for it whilse surfing around

and finally is there anyway to get the multitouch gestures working? is that by using the voodo ps/2 drivers?

Thanks again for this! ;)



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Which ones are "first 2 AHCI patch" ?
Which ones are "in patches, select the 2 AHCI patch" ?
Which 2 folders are you talking about in "Copy both the folders onto your desktop, using Kext helper, install the ethernet kext present in 1555OSX folder" - Do you mean drag and drop .kext files to Kext helper ?
Which folders contain "Sound and Chip kext" ?
How to set permissions in "Using OSX Tools" ?
What exactly are you trying to say in this "then using open com.apple.boot.plist in the folder and from the /Extras" ??? please clarify what you mean.
"Copy all the siblings present in /Extras/com.apple.boot.plist to the .plist present in the Dell 1555 folder [you need to open both plist to do this]" - Do you mean drag and drop or what ? How ?
After saving I get an error - "once you are done save the plists"

Can you please explain the steps for this. It is too vague:
"open terminal, become root and do ‘cd /‘
⁃ remove boot folder present there using ‘rm’
⁃ copy the boot folder from dell 1555 to ‘/‘ using cp ‘path to the file’ ‘SPACE’ ‘/‘
⁃ open DSDT GUI and make dsdt, hpet and force compile"



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Thank you for your wonderful guide !!
i followed this guide and installed snow with great ease
just one further addition use -v arch=i386 boot flag (just -v gave me a KP.)

i tried various other guides but none helped, not even this one so i came to a conclusion that the problem is with my laptop
CPU temp idle=67 degree and on load around 70 to 77 never crosses 80 same happened after using this guide.

There is no need to use a distro. OS X 10.6 and 10.7 can be installed using the retail disc.
for 10.6 use this http://prasys.info/2...pard-for-osx86/ 2nd Method (Website is down right now)
1. restore the retail iso or dmg to your 8gb + flash drive by the usual method.
2. Use Myhack of snow leopard version. It is pretty straight forward.it also includes MBR fix.press customize tab and choose the appropriate kexts
definitely choose Graphic Disabler if you have ATI mob HD 4570 otherwise it will give you messed up screen.
SleepEnabler should be left out. it might give you a KP.
3.use -v boot flag at the chameleon screen
4.after installtion is complete. this time use -v -x at the chameleon boot screen (trash graphics without -x)
5. complete the the welcome screen procedure.
6. keep ##### snow leopard version( post installation beast or something insanelymac suggests) and install the necessary kexts evoreboot, elliotlegacyrtcfakesmc kext fakesmc plugings sound and ioblockstorageinjector in disk kexts
note. you won't be able to use ntfs or fat32 formated usb in safe mode so download ##### before installation and keep it in usb which was formatted with mac os journaled format ( same format as your flash drive)
7.now for graphics install the kexts which applied to you
i have ATi 4570 so i used ATI4570_by_spyfinch(just google it.)
8.voodoopstate and voodoopower mini for speedstep.
9. i don't use wifi bluetooth so don't know
10. ethernet BCM5784M use BCM5722D.kext
11. dsdt for studio 1555 (google it)
chameleon wizard for boot.plist and smbios.plist

That's pretty much you need to do. now you have a working hackintosh in both 32 and 64 bit mode.

Updating is very easy just download the combo update and just install.
you need to reinstall ethernet graphic and some other kexts.

for LION

just follow maldon's guide(awesome guide)
that's all
voodoopstate and voodoopowermini for speedstep.

If someone need any help or get any trouble installing just reply..i might help you.



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i have the same spec here
downloaded the file and will start the project soon but any chance to get Wireless Intel 5100/5300 AGN working?



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Thanks for Your Guides!
I am successfully installed Hazard 10.6.6i on my Dell and let me tell you how:
Download Snow_Leopard_10.6.6_SSE2_SSE3_Intel_Only_by_Hazard from thepiratebay.se; Dell_Studio_1555.zip, DSDTPatcherGUI and DSDTFixer.
Once you have downloaded these files, burn the Hazard onto a DVD and copy zip folders onto a USB
Restart and boot in BIOS. SATA Mode Selection set AHCI. Save settings and exit.
Now insert the DVD and boot from DVD.
When the chameleon boot loader comes up, press F8 and type '-v' [this is to ensure you know if the startup gets stuck]
! In Mac OS X Installer:
+ Go to  Utilities > Disk Utilities > Partition
   Choose Volume Sceme: 3 Partitions (for dual boot Mac OS and Windows)
     1st MacOSX (Extended (Journaled)) 60Gb
     2nd Claer1 (Ms-Dos (FAT)) 60Gb
     3rd Claer2 (Ms-Dos (FAT)) 200Gb
   In Options select GUID Partition Table
   OK, Apply, Partition, Close Disk Utility
+ Go to Customize:
- Chameleon_Boot_Loader
   - Chameleon_RC5
       - Bootx86
       - Chameleon_Options
           - all except Graphics_Enabler and GUI
- Drivers
   - Graphics
       - ATI
           - ATY_Init
  - Sound
      - VoodooHDA_0.2.7.2
  - Network
      - WLan
           - BroadcomFix
  - Sata_Pata
      - AHCISATAFix
      - IOATAFamily_SATA_Fix
  - Patches
      - IOATAFamilyFix
      - IOATAFamily_Fix2
      - UUID
      - USBFix
+ OK and Install.
! WiFi and Sound must be OK.
! Graphics
+ Unzip and copy folder Dell_Studio_1555 on Desktop.
   Run Kext Helper b7 and install ATIFramebuffer, ATI4600Controller and ATY_Init kexts.
   Copy com.apple.Boot.plist and SMBios.plist to Extra.
+ Open Terminal and do:
      sudo -s
      cd /
      rm boot
      cp ~/Desktop/Dell_Studio_1555/boot /
+ Unzip and copy folder DSDTPatcherGUI_1 on Desktop.
   Run DSDT Patcher GUI with Force Compile and HPET and make DSDT.aml.
+ Unzip and copy folder DSDTFixer on Desktop.
   Run DSDTFixer and drop DSDT.aml on it. Fixed DSDT.aml put to /.
+ Restart
Files that I used in attached.
Files in archive:
Dell Studio 1555 AIDA64 Report.txt
My Guide.txt

Attached Files

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