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Paragon NTFS 8.0 Final released

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boot from OSx dvd and run check disk utility. that should sovle the problems.....other wise you need to use Disk warrior for that..... solves all problems.....


Why have you bumped my answer to a very old thread??? ! ! ! :thumbsup_anim:

Your solution is only applicable for volumes (or as you can understand - partitions) formatted in HFS+ file system.

By booting from any DVD - SnowLeo Installation bootable disk / Disk Warrior / Data Rescue / Coriolis / etc. doesn't make any difference to fixing errors on NTFS formated partitions. Remember that!

NTFS problems are going to stay. I have had been using Paragon since the days of 10.4.x Tiger
to 10.5.x Leopard to 10.6.x Snow Leopard especially 64 bit.

It works. Is way better than using a workaround to the bundled (Apple's stock) NTFS.kext for Read+Write+Delete functionality.

But, recently I switched over to Tuxera.

i will reply my own question
its the third time (in different years using different tools) i test NTFS for mac and other tools and i only have one thing to say abou this STAY AWAY FROM THIS if you dont want to have problems in NFTS partitions...
first deleting folders in ntfs partitions you cant empty the trash... second if you want to move files and folders in ntfs partitiions be very carefull ! OSX overrides folder and files even if they have diferent names sometimes
i moved a file "video_25_1.avi" to a folder than i move another "video_25_2.avi" to the same folder and bang!!! i lost one video file for ever (if you check the names are not exacly the same)
i boot in windows 7 to check erros in partitions and voila non indexed files all over the place and data loss...
im back to the basics "macdrive" when i need to share data i just use macdrive like i have done for years (and i never have a single problem with that)
and the trash produced by OSX in NTFS partitions is incredible...
conclusion once again after a few tests i uninstall paragon ntfs from my osx and use blueharvest to clean all the junk in NTFS partitions...
this was the last attempt for sure , im tired of troubles...

Now, @ghajini08 & @xpertvision.

Just read the through my experience:

I used to "use" Paragon in SL x64 bit mode.

Speed. Speed. Speed.
Easy to configure and hidden or auto-unmount partitions such as System Reserved stay unmounted for all the time you are booted in your iHack.
Provides disk check; though I could never figure out why it did NOT work for me. :s

Messy to uninstall.
The point provided by xpertvision holds TRUE. Files & Folders are replaced, deleted and messed up.
YES! A BIG YELLING RESOUNDING YES! Macintosh Operating System DOES NOT MERGE (yes DOES NOT) the contents of similarly named folders or files.
It works as follows:
Say, you have a folder named My Documents. (everyone can relate with that) in C:\ or your windows bootable partition. Whichever windows - XP/Vista/7

Now, you let's say, take a backup of it regularly. It contains a folder - My Pictures.
Say in Jan 2011, you took a backup of your digital camera of 150 images into this folder.
and on 31st Jan, you copied this folder to another partition as D:\My Documents\My Pictures
And, deleted the 150 images from the C:\My Documents\My Pictures folder. It is now Empty.

Now, in Feb 2011, you took a new backup of your digital camera of 70 images, of a different date and different occasion. The folder now has only 70 files. So, there are now 70 images in your C:\My Documents\My Pictures folder. with all different image names; eg. DSC0001.bmp -> DSC0070.bmp

Say, today on Feb 19th, 2011 you decided to take a backup of only that pictures folder from C:\ to D:\.

So, in Mac you would copy and paste the "My Pictures" folder to D:\.

In reality, even though there are different files in the original C:\ folder, it should only merge the contents, that is, add the 70 new files to the files already existing in the D:\My Pictures folder containing 150 files from the previous backup. Making a total of 220 files/images.

Mac, would actually keep the Folder names intact, but the 150 images in the D:\My Documents\My Pictures would be absolutely erased/deleted, AND replaced by the new 70 images/files from the new camera backup.

This is how it works. I've lost data 3 times since June 2010. Some of it I could recover back. Some I couldn't remember how much it was, where it was. It took days to recover whatever I could.

Lastly, using Paragon gives you speed. But, the file system or the MFT gets messed up completely. On every boot, Windows has to run the chkdsk or "Check Disk" and fix the errors as correctly pointed out by xpertvision.

Hence, I switched over to Tuxera NTFS. Of course, the "free" version". :P

Firstly, it is god damn slow. But, it does not delete the files when you are moving, until the complete set of files are moved and the CRC verification is completed. This leads to longer time for completing the "Move" process, which adds to the time taken as Tuxera is a bit slower than Paragon.

But, in case, your iHack crashes, or you encounter some error, your data from the original folder stays intact.
That's more like a secure method than what Paragon uses.

Lastly, Importantly. As of now, I hardly get time to play games due to work and my PG studies, I hardly boot into Windows (7). Last time I booted to use was actually in May 2010. I have installed MacDrive in it, but, please beware of it. Any wrong move and your Snow Leopard will be NOT bootable.

So, that's my two cents.

Freaky Chokra :D

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