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Fixing Scrambled,Stretched, or Wrong Resolution Laptop Display Problems

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Ok, so I cannot believe this myself, but then again I can when you think of the simple rule of "Downloadable images are altered sometimes maliciously and sometimes because the author thinks they are doing the community a favour, therefore, downloader beware" etc.


So, what I did to fix my issue, was a long route, but desperate times call for desperate measures. Ill try to make this simple and in point form. Bear with me, cause it sounds crazy, but it worked....


-I downloaded a trial copy of Fusion for MAC OSX, and installed that into my Workstation 11 image of Mavericks hosted by Windows 8.1 pro. This is the image that WS11 would not Auto Adjust to my desired 1792x768 res..with me so far? Good...

-I copied Mavericks OSX App from my 2009 Intel iMac to USB, then to Windows Desktop. From there, I dropped the Mavericks Mac App into the Mavericks VM desktop....Still with me....Good

-I then dropped Mavericks app into Fusion and mounted and installed it just to the point where it creates the VM Folder in Documents. Remember, this means that what I did, was create a new Mavericks OSX VM, inside my running Mavericks VM Documents folder. 

-I then cut and pasted the new Mavericks VM Documents folder from the Documents folder inside my Mavericks VM, to my Windows Host Documents/Virtual Machines folder. Now I had the base install i needed to "open a new virtual Machine in Workstation 11"

-Then, I shut down Mavericks VM, and proceeded to "Open Virtual Machine" from Workstation 11. This is the image i just created, then cut and pasted to windows host VM folder in documents...

-This began the fresh install of Mavericks 10.9 in Workstation. 25mins later, I had a fresh, untouched Virtual Machine....Voila..



-As soon as i installed VMware Worksation Darwin 7.1.1 tools, and rebooted, presto, FULL 1792 x 768 Resolution in full screen mode....!!!


I know this post will confuse people, so feel free to contact me and Id be more than willing to assist if I can. 


Big lesson learned and could have saved me a LOT of Plist editing, internet searching and Forum reading by just using an untouched Mavericks App from the get go. BUT, I couldn't find the tools to create an ISO from the Mavericks App I had, and didn't know Terminal Script to create bootable USB's, if that would have even helped anyway....


Cheers everyone, and I hope this helps someone...


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For those requiring links  (I know I appreciated people sharing them when I was learning)

- VM Workstation up-gradable Trial Download Here: https://my.vmware.co...orkstation/11_0

- VM Fusion 7 up-gradable  Download Here: https://my.vmware.co...ware_fusion/7_0

- VM Ware Tools AKA Darwin Here: http://www.insanelym...os-x-darwiniso/

- Mavericks 10.9 App, possibly available through Mac App store, but may have to get it of your own Mac like I had to.....Again, beware of internet VMDK images etc, as you may get a maliciously coded one, or innocently modified as   mine seemed to be, which meant I could not get desired resolutions. Who knows what else was lurking right? 



Lastly, I will state this. Although having Mavericks running is VMware is great, I will say that it is more so just a prrof of concept. Meaning, that there are just too many features that are not available and that compromise is just too much to make it a go to system. 


There is no iMessage, Maps crashes, Photobooth cannot detect Camera, you cant run Open GL Intensive graphics programs such as Photoshop, and even music such as Garage band and Logic ProX wont run. In my opinion, these features are the reason people want mac. I.e. Graphic, music, stability, iMessage, iCloud etc...


*Please note my machines specs are Toshiba U840W PSU5XA-001006, i5-3317U CPU @ 1.70GHz, 6GB Ram,  as am sure some can get 'some' of these features working on better spec's Laptops (maybe....)


Again, its nice to know it theoretically works, but really, its just a glorified web browser, and even then the video playback and graphics suffer....


My next project may be a Metal Install, but again, the amount of tweaking required is above my patience level for now, and I am up against some struggle only having Intel Centrino N2230 wi-fi card installed. Even if i find a Kext or learn how to create a DSDT for my laptop, its still an uphill battle...But hey, i may just choose to go upstream...

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I have Niresh's Mavericks 10.9.5 installed on my Acer Aspire AS5742Z-4685, but even after applying this method the display is stuck at 1024x768. Help? :(

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