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Let us know what you're working on!

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Billie Hawkins

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I've been writing AppleScripts for a few years now, off and on. Thought I would share the list of what I've written and posted with the forum. I'm sure some of these may have been posted in other areas, or have similar functions to other AppleScripts.

Anyway, Enjoy!


Ingwie Phoenix

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So, I saw this, and I feel like sharing this. I am working on quite a big project since a year now - the drag0n installer, short: d0.


d0 is a PHP-CLI based programm to manage and install software....yah i know, sounds similar. But which package manager could install mods for games like Minecraft - natively? :) It also brings a GUI interface and can be commanded thru an URI scheme which is close to the CLI interface - though the URI one needs user-verification since we dont want people to install malware into our systems.


Since d0 is based on PHP, JavaScript, NodeJS, AppleScript and a little bit of bash, it is completely open-source.


I am planning on a web-service which currently goes by the codename "ph03nix" which will give developers a web-access to create their own repositories for d0.


Benefits in d0:

- Everyone can upload their packages.

- The system knows so-called "Trusted Resources" which can be added by a name instead of a full URL. Like, if there was a dev-team called BugNutz and they registered a trusted resource by the name "bugnutz", then a user will not need to type in a long URL and instead can just type in a simple name and is good to go. Untrusted resources will be highlighted if they arent found in a database of the software.

- The same as above can be archived for packages.

- It supports every *NIX platform, and will be ported to Windows once it works. Because of its rather minimal requirement, it may be ported to handhelts. The extraction-process of a package and the configuration files are fully parsed by PHP. The only thing which is not PHP, is the way the GUI is created - in a web-interface. To spawn such, we use appJS. But within the browser, we have PHP running with Yii 1.1.11 :3

- It does not modify any system files during installation and can be drag-and-drop installed.

- Developers can declare pre and post scritps for install, update, remove and reinstall.

- d0 supports source-code installations with its pre and post scripts. The source will be saved somewhere, where the user may have access to.

- d0 will install its packages into the system default locations - no stupid PATH editing. It will just fit right within to avoid having the same library seven times on the system, each located to a different PKmanager.

- Allows to be controlled via GUI, CLI and URI (d0:-scheme)

- Own package-format which manages to shrink 90MB to 50MB...so it has a good compression.

- Installation is also possible from other files. Developers can extend Drag0nPackage in PHP and add their own types - like DebianPackage? :)

- Completely open-source and no obfuscation. ^_^

- Runs on technically every version of PHP 5.x - but once I decide to namespace it, it will only work with php 5.3+

- Does not require any additional thing. But if you want to install a source-code, d0 will tell you to download neccessary things first.

 - Finds and lists already installed things, like the native OS, so packages can be OS-dependent.

- Dependency check. Allows to recrusively install all dependencies.



Once I have finished editing some files I might upload the current version. The one on GitHub is absolutely {censored}, and is only ment to give a basic idea on how it may look like behind the scenes. Suggestions, and help, is welcome. Email me at ingwie2000@googlemail.com because this forum refuses to send me emails x)



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@JCC Unfortunately, Mac already has this dating back to Lion :( Here's a post I just tracked down for you to ogle: http://appleinsider...._screen_sharing


Myself and my employees use it a lot on our test development (Mavericks) server. It's not as flexible as we'd like it to be, but none the less it comes part and parches of the package.. If you could get something more flexible on the go, you'd be a LEGEND amongst Mac administrators!


@everyone else, I'm currently working on a git SCM issue plugin for Xcode 5. it won't be a regular plugin as apple have hidden the API's and it's against my NDA to even touch them, so I'm working on a fine mix of Applescript, SH Scripting and a libgit2 fork which filters through source-changes to find '//TODO:' or 'ISSUE: xx' (where xx) is a float (i.e. 10.0 10.3 etc...), adds them to a database (As well as to an 'ISSUELOG.md' before finishing the PUT. The way I plan to implement it for 'easy access' is one of two ways. 1) Via Services, i.e. Xcode (menu) -> Services (which personally I don't like) or via the Help with 'Help (menu) --> Isssue Manager'. When I get the core of it working here, I'll up something to GitHub and let your know :)





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