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New 'Downloads' area on InsanelyMac

Ed, Mar 21 2013 12:27 AM in OSx86

Check out our new 'Downloads' area at InsanelyMac. A single, easy-to-use area where you can download the latest kexts from developers in the InsanelyMac community, and even popular files from developers outside. Discuss and support each other from within the linked forum threads.

We look forward to growing this area with demand and adding more files for download. Let us know what you think!

Hi Ed,

Is it only the developers who can share their files there, or also users if they found something that can be useful, giving credits to whom it deserves it of course.
Anyone can submit files they find useful :) (we will make an effort to keep it tidy) but hopefully developers will post their own files. On a case by case basis we can also assign the original author to the download. If the file isn't yours, please include full credits to the authors :)
Good news! I guess DMCA here also apply :)
Why not cooperate with http://www.osx86.net instead?

Why not cooperate with http://www.osx86.net instead?

Why and instead of what? In my opinion, (which may or may not be the same as other staff here) and I hope it not to be taken the wrong way, as osx86.net is also a part of our larger community and are another valuable resource to users. I do think I can speak for some others here though when I say we value choice for a user. Why be the same? Would it not be better for any users options for choice, that we be different? Granted we maybe can't be completely different, as there's only so many ways you can Hack a Mac, but not trying to be exactly the same is certainly a step in the right direction. What's better may come down to personal opinion, and that's kinda the point. Here I'd rather start with a clean slate to build a Download section containing new or at least still very useful files and tools, and keep it tidy as much as possible. To start this while also having it include a legacy file archive would make that nearly impossible.

Good news! I guess DMCA here also apply :)

The current forum rules still apply in Downloads section! :) To add; given the open source/community developed tools & files that we tend to deal with, I would expect that along with proper credit given to the original developer, a reasonable attempt at contacting the file's creator to ask their permission be made by the uploader and it is their responsibly to do this. While I can call this a "rule", it's also just a common courtesy and hopefully that's not something new to people . And if such case were to occur where a file was uploaded in this manner yet the files creator did not wish to have their work available, I would certainly respect there request and remove it for them.
Cool ! :D
Very well !!

Nice, although some time should pass before it will gain popularity from the outside of InsanelyMac community, as rest are sticked to http://osx86.net these days.

Very Nice :thumbsup_anim:
cool :help: :weight_lift:
I always like insanelymac because I get answers and solutions very quick. Its not like tonymac where they ban for unnecessary reasons. Downloads section is also very cool.
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