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Chameleon receives support for multiple nVidia graphics cards

PookyMacMan, Mar 31 2012 10:46 PM in OSx86

Back on October 24, 2011, Mohamed Khairy pointed out an error that Chameleon did not have native support for multiple nVidia GPUs. Thanks to zef, there is a temporary patch in Chameleon 2.1svn revision 1903 that allows for multiple nVidia GPUs to be injected simply by Chameleon's graphics enabler, without any DSDT edits or EFI string injections.

It would be great having the multiple ATi graphics card support too :D
Would be but nVidia cards have always had much ease in working with OS X due to nVidia actually making drivers for them as opposed to ati/amd where the drivers only come from Apple.
Great new to hear! :thumbsup_anim:
So this means I could finally sli two GTX 560 Ti's in OS X? :D
In a way, yes, and in a way, no:

As you probably know, you need hardware 3D acceleration (QE/CI) to have a truly functional OS X installation. However, when 2 GPUs are used, only one would have QE/CI and the other would not. This fixes it so you can have two GPUs at the same time with QE/CI (4 monitors, yeah, baby B)) but this is not the same as SLI. The GPUs work independently of each other, so you can have two GTX 560 Ti's in OS X working independently from each other, both with QE/CI, but not both linked together in SLI.
Still it works very good though, even my old noname 7300 gs I picked up really cheap on ebay years ago work very good with this.
I'm stoked to find out if I can now (easily) have four monitors using 2 x NVS290 !
any link to the new loader - would love to get my GTX 285 and Quadro going at the same time!
I have one problem with GTX 560M. Freeze the system. :/
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