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[PMPatch] UEFI patching utility

buoo, Feb 01 2013 02:30 PM in OSx86
We'll never stop working in the Developers Corner! CodeRush is working hard on his utility to patch UEFI BIOS PowerManagement modules to be compatible with MacOS X SpeedStep implementation. The utility works very well with a lot of motherboar... Read more >>

New! Pandora's Box Beta is Out

Micky1979, Mar 21 2013 11:34 PM in OSx86
Today, 03/20/13 marks an extraordinary event that's been in the making for some time. The staff of InsanelyMac are proud to present to you : "Pandora's Box" Pandora's Box application is a new "Tool" that can be used to... Read more >>

News! Pandora's Box Beta2 is OUT

ErmaC, Jun 20 2013 09:00 PM in OSx86
Pandora's Box beta2Pandora's Box is a new Tool that can be used to create your own installer for Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8 and newly arrived Mavericks 10.9 from either the retail app or its .dmg image file. Also included is a post-installation ut... Read more >>

Intel HD4000 and Haswell Inject AAPL,ig-platfor...

ErmaC, Sep 02 2013 06:59 PM in OSx86
Chameleon now has a bootloader-implementation from Enoch, through which you can activate the various video cards such as Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell. All without dsdt edits or EFI strings. This is especially useful for Laptops PC, but also for Desktop... Read more >>

MacMod of the YEAR

Alessandro17, Dec 16 2013 02:49 AM in OSx86
It's that time of year folks and we're here giving you the chance to vote for your favorite MacMod of the YEAR !!! All you have to do is go to this link: http://www.insanelym...the-month-2013/ and vote away !!! Go to the person's MacMod post you like... Read more >>

Happy New Year 2014!

ErmaC, Dec 31 2013 08:52 PM in OSx86
To all our users, we the staff of InsanelyMac wish you a Happy New Year 2014!. Read more >>

Want the external blueprints for the new iPhone?

Mr.D., Sep 15 2012 05:51 AM in OSx86
Want to know just how big your new iPhone is? Want to double check to make sure it fits in your geek side holster? All you need to do is go to developer.apple.com to find not only the dimensions in blueprint form for your new iPhone, but also for the n... Read more >>

PC-EFI v10.6 Released

blkhockeypro19, Feb 04 2010 11:49 PM in OSx86
The widely used PC-EFI boot-loader has been updated today to version 10.6 by netkas himself. In case anybody needs a reminder, PC-EFI is a boot-loader which allows vanilla Mac OS X kernel to be run on not Apple hardware. This update adds support for de... Read more >>

Apple iPad - what it is and what it ain't

Ed, Jan 28 2010 12:58 AM in OSx86
After years of anticipation, the Apple tablet device has finally been unveiled as the iPad. Essentially, it's an iPod Touch on steroids - here's some key facts: 9.7-inch LED-backlit multi-touch display with IPS technology (high quality LCD pan... Read more >>

BumpTop 3D desktop app now available for Mac OS X

Ed, Jan 22 2010 10:32 AM in OSx86
They say a messy desk is a sign of productivity... and in the computer world, your desktop is your messy virtual equivalent. If, like me, you use your desktop to frequently store "temporary" (as in 6 months+!) files, text notes, images, etc. then you... Read more >>

[Updated] Let's help the Chameleon

Poco, Jan 22 2010 03:09 AM in OSx86
Ever want to take control of all those features in the latest release of Chameleon? A big thanks goes out to rekursor and all the others involved in the Chameleon helper application. Starting out with a simple prefpane for selecting the boot partit... Read more >>

Happy 5th Birthday, Mac mini

Ed, Jan 11 2010 11:15 PM in OSx86
Bust out the party poppers and balloons, today is cause for celebration: it's the youngest of the Mac family's birthday today; the Mac mini. Announced five years ago today, the Mac mini was the last entirely new computer product line that Apple... Read more >>

Chameleon RC4 is out!

Poco, Dec 11 2009 09:25 PM in OSx86
In addition to the many patches a fixes included in this new version, a few new features for the bootloader made this cut. We’re back again with this new RC4 version. Since the last RC3 release, we received many patches and fixes, and also backpor... Read more >>

iClassic Brings Click Wheel to iPhone OS *UPDATED*

blkhockeypro19, Dec 09 2009 03:19 AM in OSx86
I know that this has been a hope of mine for a long time - Bring back the iPod Classic click wheel for the iPhone and iPod Touch devices. No, I'm not talking about a physical click wheel, but rather an application that utilizes the touch screen on the... Read more >>

10.6.2 Brings Bad News for Hackintosh Netbooks

blkhockeypro19, Nov 19 2009 02:46 AM in OSx86
With the release of the second update to Mac OS X Snow Leopard last Monday, many problems have arisen for netbook users. The bad news began when it was reported that beta builds of 10.6.2 had no support for the Atom Processor; a commonly used processor... Read more >>

Mac OS 7 on your Snow Leopard machine?

Ed, Oct 28 2009 12:50 AM in OSx86
If, like me, you are a bit of an old school Mac head, or possibly you have an actual genuine need to launch your old Mac OS "Classic" applications, check out the oddly named "SheepShaver". Far from doing what it says on the tin, SheepShaver is a... Read more >>

Intel with a Hackintosh?

Poco, Sep 25 2009 12:56 AM in OSx86
Along with Intel's impressive demo of the Light Peak optical device interconnect it seems as though Intel has unveiled some previously unknown part of their company. The guys over at Engadget  noticed that the rig Intel was using for the demo was r... Read more >>

First Update to Snow Leopard: 10.6.1

Poco, Sep 11 2009 01:00 AM in OSx86
Nearly 2 weeks after the launch of Snow Leopard and a mere 2 days since the last developer build, Apple has released the first update to their new operating system. In addition to updating your flash player to the latest version this update also includ... Read more >>

Chameleon 2 RC3 Released!

Poco, Sep 07 2009 03:00 PM in OSx86
In addition to adding the long-awaited Snow Leopard extensions loading and 1+TB disk support, this latest release includes changed to the graphics enabler and to the SMBIOS patcher. SMBIOS Finally you can specify your smbios.plist location using a d... Read more >>

Better, faster, easier : Mac OS X Snow Leopard

Poco, Aug 24 2009 01:14 PM in OSx86
It's not in September as previously announced, but maybe a little better. The devs at Apple have pulled through for an early launch of their latest creation, Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). With the worldwide downtime of the Apple Store this morni... Read more >>

Snow Leopard Now Permitted

Poco, Aug 23 2009 05:14 PM in OSx86
With the release of Snow Leopard just around the corner the forums have now opened up discusion about OSx86 Snow Leopard. Feel free to discuss in our new Snow Leopard (10.6) forums: Snow Leopard OSx86 Installation sub-forum Snow Leopard Post-Install... Read more >>

Sync discrepancies highlighted between Google C...

Ed, May 24 2010 11:46 AM in OSx86
Steven Frank, developer for well-reknowned software house, Panic, has put together some useful notes on his blog around synchronisation discrepancies between cloud-based contact manager, Google Contacts, and the ubiquitous Apple Address Book which come... Read more >>

MacBook quietly updated: faster, GeForce 320M a...

Ed, May 18 2010 10:16 PM in OSx86
Apple has quietly rolled out an updated version of the entry-level $999 MacBook. The revised polycarbonate unibody MacBook now boasts a 2.4Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo processor, Nvidia GeForce 320M graphics, and up to 10 hours of battery life. At just $999... Read more >>

New app lets you use iPad as 2nd monitor for yo...

Ed, May 17 2010 04:55 PM in OSx86
Software developers Avatron, well known for their Air Sharing apps allowing users to drag & drop files between their Macs and iPhones/iPods like an external hard disk, are getting ready to release their newest app for iPad, Air Display, that le... Read more >>

MacBook Air update rumoured this week, possibly...

Ed, May 10 2010 08:03 PM in OSx86
Australian Macworld is reporting that tomorrow could possibly see the announcement of an updated MacBook Air model from Apple. The MacBook Pro models have already been recently updated this year, and the MacBook Air hasn't been updated since las... Read more >>

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