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NVIDIA Web Driver Updater

fantomas1, Oct 09 2015 08:34 PM in OSx86
Hi InsanelyMac community! Our developers are proud to present you their last great application, NVIDIA Web Driver Updater. This application will enable you to search for the latest NVIDIA Web Drivers online and download the standard package from NVID... Read more >>

New AppleHDA Patcher

Mirone, Nov 17 2015 11:23 PM in OSx86
It is with great happiness that I and Micky1979 came bring this news, the new AppleHDA Patcher is out. One of the new features is that you no longer have your patched files separately, all codecs for laptop´s and Desktop's are now implemented in the a... Read more >>

Happy 2016 InsanelyMac!

XtremeHacker, Jan 01 2016 05:35 AM in OSx86
Happy new year InsanelyMac

OS X 10.12 codename Fuji - What we know about i...

Allan, Jan 15 2016 06:27 PM in OSx86
2016 is here, and what we can expect about Apple's WWDC of this year? Well, research and expectations about the new Apple OS X are already growing. The web public call OS X 10.12 of "Fuji", hmmm, maybe there is something wrong, because since Maverick... Read more >>

The Dune Case: A Cylindrical PC Case

JahStories, Feb 29 2016 09:37 PM in OSx86
Since the beginning of Osx86, many users “updated” their Macs by modding the cases to fit standard PC components, bringing new life to the machines by keeping the precious design of the original products. The name of these FrankenMac's brought back from dead? Hackintosh. Read more >>
Dune, Case, DuneCase, MacPro and 3 more...

New Pandora's Box III is out

Micky1979, Mar 05 2016 06:24 PM in OSx86

A major upgrade for Pandora's Box is available with some new functionalities:

Download Pandora's Box III
Support Topic: Pandora's Box III

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Next Apple OS will be for ARM CPUs!

XtremeHacker, Apr 01 2016 03:32 PM in OSx86
According to a recent report from british Hackintosh Group "Hack'nTod", Apple's next os will be called "macOS" Read more >>

Pandora's Box macOS 10.12 Sierra ready

Micky1979, Jun 14 2016 05:38 PM in OSx86
Pandora's Box III has been updated to support macOS 10.12 Sierra,
and both Enoch and Clover bootloaders are now capable of running the new OS, this only the day after his official presentation at WWDC 2016. Read more >>

[PMPatch] UEFI patching utility

buoo, Feb 01 2013 02:30 PM in OSx86
We'll never stop working in the Developers Corner! CodeRush is working hard on his utility to patch UEFI BIOS PowerManagement modules to be compatible with MacOS X SpeedStep implementation. The utility works very well with a lot of motherboards, but he... Read more >>

New! Pandora's Box Beta is Out

Micky1979, Mar 21 2013 11:34 PM in OSx86
Today, 03/20/13 marks an extraordinary event that's been in the making for some time. The staff of InsanelyMac are proud to present to you : "Pandora's Box" Pandora's Box application is a new "Tool" that can be used to... Read more >>

News! Pandora's Box Beta2 is OUT

ErmaC, Jun 20 2013 09:00 PM in OSx86
Pandora's Box beta2Pandora's Box is a new Tool that can be used to create your own installer for Lion 10.7, Mountain Lion 10.8 and newly arrived Mavericks 10.9 from either the retail app or its .dmg image file. Also included is a post-installation ut... Read more >>

Intel HD4000 and Haswell Inject AAPL,ig-platfor...

ErmaC, Sep 02 2013 06:59 PM in OSx86
Chameleon now has a bootloader-implementation from Enoch, through which you can activate the various video cards such as Intel Ivy Bridge and Haswell. All without dsdt edits or EFI strings. This is especially useful for Laptops PC, but also for Desktop... Read more >>

MacMod of the YEAR

Alessandro17, Dec 16 2013 02:49 AM in OSx86
It's that time of year folks and we're here giving you the chance to vote for your favorite MacMod of the YEAR !!! All you have to do is go to this link: http://www.insanelym...the-month-2013/ and vote away !!! Go to the person's MacMod post you like... Read more >>

Happy New Year 2014!

ErmaC, Dec 31 2013 08:52 PM in OSx86
To all our users, we the staff of InsanelyMac wish you a Happy New Year 2014!. Read more >>

[Updated] macOS 10.12 Sierra open source Darwin...

Allan, Nov 24 2016 07:33 PM in OSx86
We have a new update!
Apple fix the link for open source Darwin code of macOS Sierra. Read more >>

Want the external blueprints for the new iPhone?

Mr.D., Sep 15 2012 05:51 AM in OSx86
Want to know just how big your new iPhone is? Want to double check to make sure it fits in your geek side holster? All you need to do is go to developer.apple.com to find not only the dimensions in blueprint form for your new iPhone, but also for the n... Read more >>

Skitch Now Open to Public

Numberzz, Jan 18 2008 01:20 AM in OSx86
For a while now, Skitch has been on a private and invite only. But now, the Skitch team has released it to a public beta. I don't know why it was in a private beta because it was perfectly stable, but now everyone can enjoy it. For those who don... Read more >>

Best March Quarter Ever for Apple

ColdFusion, Apr 26 2007 10:35 AM in OSx86
Apple has announced revenue of $5.26 billion and net profit of $770 million for its fiscal 2007 second quarter ended March 31, 2007. This represents a growth in profit of 88% on last year's quarter. During the quarter, Apple shipped 1,5... Read more >>

iPhone rumors and clues

Colonel, Aug 01 2006 11:14 PM in OSx86
For years now we've been hearing rumors of Apple developing a cell phone and jumping into the wireless market... and we've seen plenty of fake pictures to go along with those rumors. According to a few reports, Apple just might have proved these rumors... Read more >>

The Wiki Returns!

Sabr, Jan 15 2008 04:02 PM in OSx86
Yep, that's right - it's back (and viagra free too!). With the release of Apple's major 10.5.2 update, we figured the wiki should stand out as the central repository for all things OSx86. A 10.5.2 HCL template will be up and running co... Read more >>

$10k Prize Won for Macbook Hack

ColdFusion, Apr 23 2007 10:50 AM in OSx86
Dino Dai Zovi and Shane Macauly succeeded in gaining OS X user-level shell access to a MacBook Pro over a wireless network, Macworld reports. The hack was written and implemented on day two of the CanSecWest security conference held at the end of the... Read more >>

MacBook Pro Batteries Recalled

Swad, Aug 01 2006 09:56 PM in OSx86
In case you missed it yesterday (we almost did in moving the site to InsanelyMac), Apple has initiated a recall… no, wait… a “worldwide battery exchange program” for the 15" MacBook Pro model. According to their website, Apple... Read more >>

MacWorld: Steve's Keynote

Numberzz, Jan 15 2008 03:12 PM in OSx86
Well, his keynote starts in a few hours, and I'm sure everyone is filled with anticipation. I'll be watching a live stream of the keynote, and I'll try to edit this post when something important happens. The only problem is that I will be... Read more >>

Major Security Update for Tiger and Panther

ColdFusion, Apr 20 2007 11:27 AM in OSx86
Apple has released their second biggest security update of the year, covering 25 vulnerabilities in 20 components. Most of the vulnerabilities could allow an attacker to execute malicious code, although no exploits have been reported so far. Component... Read more >>

The Official WWDC 2006 Prediction Thread

Swad, Aug 01 2006 02:55 AM in OSx86
Post your predictions for WWDC here. Mine include: 1. Leopard preview. 2. New Mac Pro. 3. Promise of Merom Macbook Pros (and maybe Macbooks) by the end of the month. 4. Introduction of some big universal app - Office, etc. That's about it - I'm no... Read more >>
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