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Zune isn't compatible with...Vista?

REVENGE, Nov 16 2006 02:38 AM in OSx86
You were definitely NOT expecting this...well then again, you probably were. In a rather embarassing turn of events, it has now been confirmed that Microsoft's new "Cutting Edge" MP3 player, Zune, is not compatible with their new "Cutting Edge" operat... Read more >>

ZFS Support in Leopard

Numberzz, Oct 05 2007 12:12 AM in OSx86
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard will officially support ZFS, albeit restricted to a read-only implementation with which no ZFS filesystems can be modified. Developers receiving the latest ZFS preview are allowed full read and write capabilities under Leopard,... Read more >>

Zephyroth's AMD Software Update in Public T...

apowerr, May 03 2008 02:17 PM in OSx86
Source (For download link please visit the original page) QUOTE This is a BETA so don't use it on your everyday partition. Everyone who want to localize it in its native language is welcomed ! This app can do the following : - Download updat... Read more >>

Yet another Mac OS X worm maker takes a shot at...

EFI, Jul 18 2007 07:46 PM in OSx86
While recent efforts to successfully create a true "virus" through a "complete hack" for OS X has failed on numerous accounts, there have been some accounts of creating an application exploits under OS X. The most recent one, is documen... Read more >>

Xcode 2.2 Final Released

hatoncat, Nov 10 2005 08:22 PM in OSx86
Apple has released the final version of Xcode 2.2. This is the second release of Xcode to support Universal Binaries, and the first to lock out 10.4.1 Intel (the leaked/hacked release). Xcode 2.2 makes significant improvements to SEE opcodes and the Ac... Read more >>

x86 Tweak: Optimize CS2

Swad, Mar 05 2006 04:41 PM in OSx86
Got the PPC Photoshop CS2 blues? Ya know the feeling, watching in anguish as the beachball of death spins endlessly while trying to apply a filter. If this is you, we’ve got good news and mediocre news. The mediocre news is that while Adobe spoke out... Read more >>

WWDC08 on the Horizon

Colonel, Mar 13 2008 08:56 PM in OSx86
Yes, it looks like every iDeveloper's favorite time of year is once again quickly approaching. Apple has opened its doors to WWDC registrations. This year, Apple will be covering three main topics at the convention; the "Mac Track", which c... Read more >>

WWDC Roundup

Alex Oughton, Jun 11 2007 08:19 PM in OSx86
Steve Jobs has just finished his WWDC keynote, and so it's time for InsanelyMac's roundup of the biggest Apple news from this year's conference! Gaming EA have announced that they are to return to publishing games for the Mac. Command and Conquer 3,... Read more >>

WWDC already sold out for second time in history

Ed, Apr 29 2009 03:17 PM in OSx86
For those who have dilly-dallied in buying your tickets to Apple's annual Worldwide Developers Conference, you have officially run out of luck. Apple updated its ADC site today with a small update at the bottom mentioning that WWDC '09... Read more >>

WWDC 2008 Rumor Roundup

Numberzz, Jun 08 2008 04:54 PM in OSx86
The annual World Wide Developer Conference starts tomorrow at 10:00AM(-8:00GMT) with a keynote from Steve Jobs. We don't know exactly what they are going to announce, but, as usual, there are a bunch of rumors to choose from. iPhone/iPod touch/2.... Read more >>

WWDC 2008

Numberzz, Jun 09 2008 03:18 PM in OSx86
Today, at 10:00AM(-8:00GMT), Steve Jobs will start his keynote and unveil new products. There is not that much more time to wait. Here in San Francisco, it is very sunny, not a cloud in the sky, and about 65ºF. Even before the keynote, we know he is... Read more >>

WWDC 2006 Keynote Impressions

cavemonkey50, Aug 08 2006 05:39 PM in OSx86
Now that they dust has settled a bit from yesterday's keynote, I think it's time to give my opinions of it. First of all, it seems that the general consensus is disappointment. Speculated products weren't announced, and neither were some of the specula... Read more >>

WWDC 09 Overview

Takuro, Jun 08 2009 09:10 PM in OSx86
WWDC09 is fully abuzz after the opening keynote today. Although some hoped for major announcements and possibly a surprise appearance by Steve Jobs himself, this year's Apple event marked more of a transitional checkpoint than anything else. It sl... Read more >>

Wireless Visa payments coming to iPhone

Ed, May 07 2010 01:33 PM in OSx86
Visa and contactless technology company DeviceFidelity are working together to produce a solution for using the iPhone for Visa mobile payments. The NFC (Near Field Communication) technology company has produced a microSD solution for mobile devices... Read more >>

Win Mashugly's iPod

Swad, Feb 03 2006 03:28 PM in OSx86
20,000 members. That’s incredible! I had no idea when we started this site back in July that it would grow so large – thanks to you it’s become one of the best Mac forums online in just a few months time. To celebrate our 20,000... Read more >>

Will SSE3 be optional for Tiger x86?

Swad, Aug 13 2005 03:35 PM in OSx86
It appears that Apple hasn't quite made up their mind about SSE3 yet. Or at least, they're not done with the Intel version of OS X. Those who have studied the new x86 version of the OS have reported that the necessity for SSE3 in the GUI has been est... Read more >>

Will New Intel Macs Run Windows?

Swad, Jan 11 2006 08:56 PM in OSx86
No one seems to know.This betanews article seems to think that they won’t, due to the EFI (see below article). But Apple, as they’ve always said, won’t prohibit people from installing Windows on their Mac. From an MSNBC article:... Read more >>

Will Leopard support the G3?

Swad, Aug 09 2006 03:58 PM in OSx86
If you've poked around Apple's "Leopard Sneak Peek - 64-Bit" page, it's quite likely that these words stood out to you: From G3 to Xeon, from MacBook to Xserve, there is just one Leopard.Those words aren't there now. For a reason unbeknown to we lonely... Read more >>

Will Leopard look like iTunes 7?

Swad, Sep 15 2006 01:36 AM in OSx86
So the big question on everyone's mind: did Val Kilmer really make a better Batman than Michael Keaton? Well, ok. Maybe that's not the big question. The other big question - why the new look for iTunes 7? Is this a sign of things to come in Leopard? I... Read more >>

Will Apple leave ATI for nVidia?

Colonel, Jul 26 2006 01:33 PM in OSx86
Since Apple switched to using PowerPC processors they've been using ATI graphics cards. Even after Apple started the Intel transition, they still continue to make Macs with ATI cards, but that may change because of AMD's recent purchase of ATI. Because... Read more >>

Will Apple Drop Mach?

Swad, Apr 18 2006 03:57 PM in OSx86
There has been a lot of talk in recent months about the sense in Apple keeping its Mach kernel, a remnant of Steve’s NeXT days. While it certainly presents advantages, its microkernel architecture has serious drawbacks. (Check out that link to ge... Read more >>

Wiki Troubles

sHARD>>, Oct 29 2006 10:12 PM in OSx86
We're currently experiencing a few problems with the OSx86 Project wiki, which is currently disabled. We hope to repair the problem shortly and bring it back online. Update: The situation has been resolved, though we may perform more preventative... Read more >>

Why Aren't We Dual Booting Yet?

Swad, Feb 03 2006 02:42 PM in OSx86
Since we started our much-anticipated Mac forum last week, it’s gotten a lot of use, especially on the topic of dual booting the Intel Macs. A few ideas have been thrown out which makes us ask the question… why aren’t we there yet?... Read more >>

Who is Mash?

Swad, Dec 19 2006 05:17 PM in OSx86
In one week, Mashugly's true identity will be revealed. Stay tuned... Read more >>

Where is Maxxuss?

Swad, Apr 24 2006 12:30 PM in OSx86
Maxxuss has disappeared. The sites he once updated with patches and materials are either outdated or offline. He has not visited our forum since March 18th. Letters are left unresponsive. It seems the man who was rapidly building his name as one of our... Read more >>
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