Best Online Backups for OSX

zpeti, Oct 17 2012 02:59 PM in OSx86
Are your files at risk? Time machine is great, but what if your whole computer dies? An external hard drive might be a good backup, as long as you keep remembering to back up. This article looks at the alternative, a relatively new market, online backups. Are they a scam? Which one is the best? Read more >>

Want the external blueprints for the new iPhone?

Mr.D., Sep 15 2012 05:51 AM in OSx86
Want to know just how big your new iPhone is? Want to double check to make sure it fits in your geek side holster? All you need to do is go to developer.apple.com to find not only the dimensions in blueprint form for your new iPhone, but also for the n... Read more >>

Have you installed Apple's newest operating...

Mr.D., Aug 24 2012 05:16 AM in OSx86
Have you installed Apple's newest operating system upgrade? One change many of you might notice right away is the branding. Apple has removed “Mac” from the OS X title, and it is now branded simply as OS X. This falls in line with Apple bringing mo... Read more >>

iPhone explodes in pocket?

fallen101, Jul 05 2012 04:02 PM in OSx86
I was reading some news articles this morning this one caught my eye. Allegedly caught on video, his iphone explodes! take a look for yourself. http://news.cnet.com.../?tag=cnetRiver Read more >>

Google I/O overview

fallen101, Jun 28 2012 06:50 PM in OSx86
Google just announced Chrome coming to IOS! This coming a few months after Chrome was released forndroid. As with iOS 6 and Mountain Lion, you are able to "Cloud sync" tabs. With Chrome you'll be able to do that, but across all platform... Read more >>

The real story of Mac OS X on Intel?

Ed, Jun 12 2012 11:01 PM in OSx86
Check out this hugely interesting post on Quora from Kim Scheinberg, the wife of an Apple engineer who allegedly sparked the switch to Intel: I've been meaning to tell this story for a while. The year is 2000. My husband (JK) has been working at... Read more >>

New iPhone prototypes have larger screens than...

PookyMacMan, Jun 04 2012 06:47 PM in OSx86
Will the new iPhone have a larger screen? Prototypes being tested have a 3.999 inch screen (rectangular dimensions are 1.9632 x 3.484 inches), but it goes farther than that: Apple is not extending just the display size, but also the resolution. Instead... Read more >>

Thunderbolt equipped motherboards now available

PookyMacMan, May 29 2012 04:52 PM in OSx86
Most of us know that the latest MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, and iMac units are equipped with the high-speed Thunderbolt protocol, but no PC motherboards (both for purchase and in prebuilt machines) contain it. Now, ASUS has release not one, but two Intel-ce... Read more >>

10.7.4 is OUT !

Larx, May 09 2012 08:53 PM in OSx86
What's New in Version 10.7.4 The 10.7.4 update includes general operating system fixes that improve the stability, compatibility, and reliability of your Mac. PLEASE REPORT AFTER UPDATE. GOODLUCK ! OS X Lion Update 10.7.4 (Client) OS X Lion Up... Read more >>

New ASUS 3xxx firmware able to be unlocked

PookyMacMan, Apr 19 2012 08:50 AM in OSx86
ASUS's new 3xxx Sandy Bridge/Ivy Bridge motherboards come with UEFI, but this firmware is originally locked. Thanks to findings here and elsewhere, it is now possible to fully unlock a new ASUS 3xxx UEFI-equipped motherboard. Read more >>

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