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OS X Mavericks now available for free from the Mac App Store

fantomas1, Oct 22 2013 10:35 PM in Apple News

Apple has done something it hasn’t done before with a major release of OS X, announcing today during its iPad event that it will release OS X Mavericks, the latest version of its desktop OS, later today for free to all users.

Mavericks is available starting today for iMac and MacBook Pros from 2007 or later, 2008 MacBook Air, MacBook, and Mac Pro or later, and the 2009 Mac mini or later.

Apple first showed off Mavericks back in June at its WWDC developer conference and has since seeded several betas as well as Golden Master release followed by silent update to the GM release that could likely be the version Apple ships later this month.

Despite not receiving a radical visual overhaul like iOS 7, OS X Mavericks includes over 200 new features and many big new user facing features like iBooks, improved multiple display support, iCloud Keychain, new Finder features, Maps, quick reply and lock screen notifications, auto-updating apps, and a number of under the hood enhancements to improve battery life and performance.

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I don't think that Apple really cares about Hackintoshes, their goal is not to sell OSXs because the real profits cames from Hardware sells like iPad, iPhone, iPod & Macs.


True.  Although I would say their profits come only from ipads and iphones... in a meaningful way.  Honestly guys that's all apple is.  It is a manufacturer of ipads and iphones.  10 years from now there will be articles about what went wrong at Apple.  It's simple really.  Smartphones and tablets will be commoditized.  Andriod already dominates iOS particularly when you leave the US.  Heck Windows Phone is solid in countries such as Germany.


Look at Apple's financial statements.  The whole mac pro line of computers could disappear the company would still be wildly profitable.  Selling updates every year was really irritating and didn't really add meaningfully to the bottom line.  And as someone noted it just encouraged fragmentation.  Why fragment your universe just to scrape a few meaningless shillings?

One of the most profitable companies in the world giving free sophisticated OS. Why?
It's a Trojan Horse strategy to me. Mavericks will deactivate programs detected not legitimate contrary to MacRumor report. Apple is corralling all software update through App Store which is also the center of screening. That is my personal opinion. The more money you have, the more money you want to make. It becomes an obsession or addiction. Apple wants to sell iPhoto, iMovie, Apperture, Final Cut Pro,etc.
Free Mavericks OS longer terms bring more sales and thus profit to Apple.

As my Grandfather used to say in his thick European accent:


"Nothing for nothing, is... nothing."


Most of Apple's revenue (for the past several years) comes from two areas - iDevices, and the services back end (the App Stores and iTunes).  Now, the App Stores cover the iDevices *and* the Macs - how much in the way of physical software does Apple actually ship, even for Macs or Windows?  That's how Apple built up that monstrous hoard of cash that is mostly stranded overseas.  Any company with a heavy services back end is going to build up a crapton of cash if that service is in any way successful; it's NOT unique to Apple.  (Google has a similar issue with Google Play and the Chrome App Store - even Microsoft has that issue with their own App Stores for Windows Phone, RT, and even Windows 8/8.1 -  the App Stores are additions to, NOT instead of, current revenue flows for Team Redmond.  Additional streams of revenue never - as in ever - hurt a company of any size, just as they never - again, as in ever - hurt a government of any size; the appetite for revenue never goes away.)

One nasty thing of mavericks: no more quick look preview of FLV files and quicktime won't play them, will propose conversion


Does Perian work with Mavericks?


If so you can have your FLV quick look back

Apple indicated in this last week's quarterly earnings conference call that like Mavericks, all future releases of its Mac operating system will be free upgrades through the Mac App Store.



Excellent news



Eventually we will purchase any Apple product

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