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Apple announces all-new iPhone 5 with 4" display

Ed, Sep 12 2012 07:43 PM in Apple News

After disappointing many avid iPhone fanboys last year with the release of the incremental upgrade, the iPhone 4S, Apple indulged its customers by releasing an all-new iPhone, and has dubbed it the iPhone 5.

The most obvious difference is the increased screensize, up from 3.5" to 4", encased in an aluminium and glass enclosure. No more glass on the back to shatter. And the back is now akin to that of the original iPhone, with a two-tone finish both at the top and the bottom.

Notable specs for the new iPhone 5 below:
  • 4" display with 1136x640 resolution
  • Thinner: 7.6mm, down from 9.3mm
  • Lighter: 112g, down from 140g
  • Same width but taller: 123.8mm, up from 115.2mm
  • LTE with support for 100mbps
  • A6 processor
  • Available in black (including anodized black metal sides and back) and white (with raw aluminium instead of anodized black)
  • All-new earphones, called "EarPods"
  • All-new 80% smaller dock connector
Apple is accepting pre-orders this Friday, 14th September, and will be available the following Friday, September 21st.

Will you be upgrading?

Yes of calse ! Will sell my iPhone 4 :)
iPhone 5 *.* There is a One for me plz :D
retina display... wow..

8 mpx finaly..
Nope not before my plan expires. The Iphone4 still works very good so whatever the 5 can offer its not worth it. I see no info about if they improved the light sensitivity either cause thats the only thing Id like them to improve. Just a little bigger display an two more megapixels is not enough for me to upgrade.
looks shiny!!

It looks like a thinner, longer version of itself. Went on a diet, but its still the ugly girl at 2 am and I don't have nearly enough beer in me.

I'll pass... maybe get me a Samsung before the go'ment forbids them.
I'll have mine on the 21st with a mini personal review of it on IM. I'm not mainly getting it for the screen nor camera as I still have my iP4 but I'm getting it mainly for the LTE though you could call me greedy because my 3rd gen iPad has LTE as well but I can't get enough of dem speedz. Not in this galaxy am I gonna pass up to go switch galaxies to one called S3. No fanboyism involved but I just like the old, nostalgic simplicity that iOS provides me with along with the devices Apple churns out here and there.
maybe the reason to upgrade is to enjoy it with my hackintosh
For those who missed the iPhone 5's keynote : the video is here :

For those who missed the iPhone 5's keynote : the video is here : http://www.apple.com...september-2012/

had just finished it ~~~
the endding surprised me a lot indeed.
well darn it XLR, I just found this video and I was going to post it here.. but you beat me too it!

I love this video - I think consumers will compare the iPhone 4S and 5 and realize that they’re not getting much for their money, especially if they factor in the latest Samsung or Nokia phones. But then again, watching the video above, maybe consumers really couldn’t care less about Apple’s ho-hum hardware, and just like a shiny new toy.
Do I still count in the pool of consumers that want a new toy from Apple although I'm a developer? Or does my title ostracize me from the group.

Do I still count in the pool of consumers that want a new toy from Apple although I'm a developer? Or does my title ostracize me from the group.

Your title names you news team
You said you're develop :)
I want an iphone too :( to fulfill the feeling of osx
it won't fit my motorbike's holder. It won't fit inside my dension car kit. It won't fit into my stereo. It won't fit my other acc.

There's no LTE here...

So... surely not gonna fit inside my pocket.

Steve, RIP!

Good time to buy iPhone 4s, or HTC if you're interested in better options.
Where You Can Actually Get 4G LTE With the iPhone 5?

Posted Image

LTE is the best 4G, and the only one that should really be able to call itself "Four Gee." (Even if none of the 4Gs are real 4G - not yet at least.) But where can you actually get it in America? The answer is... not many places—unless you're on Verizon, and even then, not many places.

Slow LTE buildout isn't news. Neither is LTE in general, for that matter. But with everyone muttering about the iPhone 5 having it, it's probably worth a quick glance at where it's actually available, before letting your idiot brother sign up for a wickad fast iPhone, knowing he won't get the speed increase for quite a while, maybe not before his contract is up. CNN did everyone a solid by making an interactive map of Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T (Other regional carriers also have LTE.)

That's the Verizon map up above, and you can see AT&T's and Sprint's decidedly less filled out maps over at CNN.

So, there you go. Nationwide LTE coverage—only not so nationwide
At least I'm happy to know that my side of the country has more blue dots occupied than your coast.

Posted Image
4G seems far from reality in our country...
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